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June 2024

Mix into summer with an hour of blazing house and dance anthems on Electric Candy! This month's episode kicks off with Makeba's "Jain" remixed by Ian Asher. Fisher's m...

Sweet Treat May 2024 Bonus Episode

May has always been a great start to summer, and this month's bonus episode features tracks to kick off the summer of 2024.

May 2024

May 2024 - Getting ready for Summer 2024 

April 2024

Fresh new Episode for April 2024 - featuring some Tracks from Ultra Feast Miami 2024 and Remix from Portuguese Super Star Producer Kura hope you enjoy

Welcome Back Spring 2024

Welcome back! On this latest edition, we are bringing some fresh new tracks along with some favorites. As we embark on a scenic trip through South Beach. So Sit back a...

July 2023

Welcome to the Electric Candy Mix Show, your one-stop shop for the best in electronic music! We're excited to bring you the July 2023 edition, jam-packed with electrif...

Chillout Vibes

Welcome back to Season 2 of the Electric Candy Podcast! It's been a while, but we're back with some chillout vibes that will transport you to summer 2023. This episode...

Sweet Treat Bonus - Freestyle Classics

For quite some time now, I've had numerous requests for a high-quality freestyle mix. This isn't one of my go-to styles, but it is something I enjoy playing at private...

Episode 7

On this Edition we are going super lite - but bringing some serious tunes and memory stroll down to the early 00's and late 90s.

Bonus Material EP6 - JI Starr

Some new Bonus Material from JI Starr another Classics Mix

Episode 6 - NYC Radio Legend JI Starr

On this edition of Electric Candy we have NYC Radio Legend JI Starr on the program

EP5 - Ed Swift

Week late but we apologize for it but we are bringing some serious heat with DJ and Graphics Wiz - ED Swift

Episode 4 Guest Mixer CMVIB3

In this installment, we interview with CMVIB3 (Chris Martinez), a young edm producer from Santa Barbara, California, who has been whipping up some serious sounds and i...

Episode Three Guest Mixer Alex Perez

On this edition of Electric Candy, we welcome Guest DJ Alex Perez, who is also a remixer and artist on homewerxmusic. Alex Perez is a member of the DJ Experience Priva...


In this episode, we feature guest DJ Danny Gee from the House Sessions Podcast and Event Host and DJ at Elite Sound Entertainment. Also Interview Owner and Mentor Greg...

The Pilot

Our 1st Episode Pilot - Featuring Some Tracks by The Frankie G and all music no fillers on this one.

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